Welcome to Lorenzo's Dog Training and Meet the Team

Lorenzo's Dog Training Team has been focused on keeping dogs out of shelters and in happy homes since 1987.
Lorenzo's certified team trainers undergo comprehensive training curriculum prior to certification to ensure an unwavering commitment to quality animal care and professional conduct.


Lorenzo's Dog Trainers


John DelBane dog trainer

John DelBane

Cleveland, OH
Emilio Marotta dog trainer

Emilio Marotta

San Diego, CA
Anton Yablonsky dog trainer

Anton Yablonsky

Phoenix, AZ
George Matic dog trainer

George Matic

Dallas, TX
Victoria Zappia dog trainer

Victoria Zappia

Mentor, OH
Bret Ramsey dog trainer

Bret Ramsey

Dallas, TX
Anya Falcon dog trainer

Anya Falcon

Akron, OH
Betsy Alvarez dog trainer

Betsy Alvarez

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Ashley Engelhart dog trainer

Ashley Engelhart

Austin, TX
Carmen McNamara dog trainer

Carmen McNamara

Colorado Springs, CO
Kiley Kelly dog trainer

Kiley Kelly

Hollywood, FL
Anthony Ávila dog trainer

Anthony Ávila

Oklahoma City, OK
Julie Allen dog trainer

Julie Allen

Indianapolis, IN
Galen Dudzik dog trainer

Galen Dudzik

Phoenix, AZ
Nathan Pastore dog trainer

Nathan Pastore

San Diego, CA
Emmanuel Kangah dog trainer

Emmanuel Kangah

Bay Area, CA
Steven Mazzola dog trainer

Steven Mazzola

Cleveland, OH
Christopher Latterner dog trainer

Christopher Latterner

San Diego, CA
Maggie Gruner dog trainer

Maggie Gruner

Cleveland, OH
Annalise Curtin dog trainer

Annalise Curtin

Milwaukee, WI
Tamara McKinney dog trainer

Tamara McKinney

Charleston, SC
Dorian Graham dog trainer

Dorian Graham

Cleveland, OH
Charla Seam dog trainer

Charla Seam

Atlanta, GA
Ariana Iacoboni dog trainer

Ariana Iacoboni

Atlanta, GA
Ana Rodriguez dog trainer

Ana Rodriguez

Chula Vista, CA
Eric Hardaway dog trainer

Eric Hardaway

Keller, TX
Fahim Jan dog trainer

Fahim Jan

Torrance, CA
Shavon Striggles dog trainer

Shavon Striggles

Temecula, CA
Athena Frazier dog trainer

Athena Crow

Moore, OK
Evan Dalzell dog trainer

Evan Dalzell

Columbus, OH
Mateo Kruljac dog trainer

Mateo Kruljac

Phoenix, AZ
Reann Phillips dog trainer

Reann Phillips

Oklahoma City, OK
Nicholas Nadeau dog trainer

Nicholas Nadeau

Milford, NH
Rebecca Croucher dog trainer

Rebecca Croucher

Fenton, MI
Marcus Jordan dog trainer

Marcus Jordan

Cleveland, OH
Morgan Hardy dog trainer

Morgan Hardy

Pittsburgh, PA
Marco Iacoboni dog trainer

Marco Iacoboni

Atlanta, GA
Alexander Sands dog trainer

Alexander Sands

Phoenix, AZ
Brittany Wilson dog trainer

Brittany Wilson

Stow, OH
Siobhan Flaherty dog trainer

Siobhan Flaherty

Golden, CO
Valencia Niederst dog trainer

Valencia Niederst

Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Rasheid Caldwell dog trainer

Rasheid Caldwell

Cleveland, OH
Anthony Alexander dog trainer

Anthony Alexander

Cleveland, OH
Pamela Wollet dog trainer

Pamela Wollet

Akron, OH
Sarah Ackerman dog trainer

Sarah Ackerman

Orlando, FL
Starr Chumard dog trainer

Starr Chumard

Scranton, PA
Jillian Usher dog trainer

Jillian Usher

Cleveland, OH
Kate Gibson dog trainer

Kate Gibson

Mesa, AZ
Cynthia Leon dog trainer

Cynthia Leon

Mesa, AZ
Ashley Jones dog trainer

Ashley Jones

Marietta, GA
Darlene Walker dog trainer

Darlene Walker

Hays, KS
Fabiola Alviso dog trainer

Fabiola Alviso

San Diego, CA
Leonardo Mejia dog trainer

Leonardo Mejia

Dallas, TX
Manny Alonso dog trainer

Manny Alonso

Las Vegas, NV
Antonio Cervantes dog trainer

Antonio Cervantes

Las Vegas, NV
Jami Feuerstein dog trainer

Jami Feuerstein

Lyndhurst, OH
Savanah Lammers dog trainer

Savanah Lammers

Boca Raton, FL
Iran Izquierdo dog trainer

Iran Izquierdo

Las Vegas, NV
Brittany Koehn dog trainer

Brittany Koehn

Lakewood, OH
Brandon Mack dog trainer

Brandon Mack

Bedford Heights, OH
Patrice Ransby dog trainer

Patrice Ransby

Beachwood, OH
Stefanie Schmelzinger dog trainer

Stefanie Schmelzinger

Norcross, GA