whitney-wills-3Whitney was born and raised in Palm Beach, Florida. Ever since she was a little girl, Whitney had a strong love for animals. She was always begging to take home dogs, cats, fish, and anything she could take care of. Whitney always grew up with a family dog and got her own, “Piper,” when she was 11.

As a teen, she found an interest in showing horses and competing on a national level. She has won 26 national championships. Whitney was always interested in horse training and became a professional horse trainer when she was 18 years old. After several years as a professional in the Arabian horse industry, Whitney decided it wasn’t for her. She loved training, showing, and teaching her clients, but no longer wanted to participate as a professional trainer in the industry. She continues to compete, for her hobby, as an amateur rider today.

Whitney trained her own dogs with the knowledge she developed through horses. She realized a piece of the puzzle was missing in her dog training. She sent her Australian shepherd, “Navan,” to Lorenzo to put the finishing touches on him. There were immediate results and Whitney wanted to be a part of what she saw. She saw a team working together not only to train dogs at a high standard, but to train the owners on how to handle the dogs as well. She loved this combination and wanted to get her feet wet in the professional dog training business.

Whitney wants to keep dogs out of shelters and in happy loving homes, while striving to become a Master Trainer at Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team. She hopes to relocate back to Atlanta, Georgia, where she and her husband met, and most of her family currently lives. Outside of a house full of dogs to train, Whitney loves running, paddle boarding, cooking, and spending time with her husband, Randy. Right now, Whitney has Navan, but thinks of each of her clients' dogs as part of her family. For her, the more the merrier!