Julie Allen Dog Trainer PhoenixJulie is an avid animal lover. She always had animals growing up; including cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and rats. She grew up in Ohio and Michigan, but moved to Phoenix, AZ in high school.

In 2004, Julie went to school to become a Veterinary Technician. She graduated in 2006 with an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Veterinary Technology. Julie started working in clinics in 2004 and has been working in Veterinary Clinics for about 10 years. She has worked in both day practice and emergency.

Julie has always trained her own dogs. She has used many different methods of dog training, but none seemed to be truly effective. In December 2014, Julie decided for her birthday, and Christmas present, to get her dog professionally trained. She located a dog training company on Yelp.com and they contacted her back.

When Julie set up an evaluation, the trainer was late to arrive to her house and didn’t even apologize and made himself at home without permission. In the evaluation, he proceeded to tell Julie all the things that were wrong with her dog without providing a sensible solution. Disappointed, Julie decided to ask the veterinarian that she was working with. The veterinarian suggested Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team, and Julie called to set up an evaluation.

Alexander came to Julie's house and she was in awe how professional he was! Lorenzo's trainer said her dog Koda looked good and that all he needed was a tune up. He was able to have Koda doing things in 5 minutes that Julie couldn’t do in years of training herself! Amazed, Julie decided that she wanted to do this for a living, it was her calling!



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