Emmanuel Kangah - LDTT

Emmanuel is from Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa. As a boy in Africa, Emmanuel was fascinated with canines. Currently, Emmanuel resides in San Jose, California with his two dogs, "Ecko", a Blue Nose Pit Bull and "Mister Fox", a Pomeranian mix Yorkie.

Emmanuel became interested in Professional Dog Training when he brought his very first dog, “Ecko”, for Lorenzo to train. Emmanuel rescued “Ecko” from a local animal shelter. He was determined to have him trained by the best. Emmanuel’s hard work and persistence with “Ecko” caught Lorenzo’s eye. Lorenzo spoke to Emmanuel about joining the team and becoming a Dog Trainer. Emmanuel loved the idea and jumped at the opportunity. Emmanuel never thought that he would have a career training dogs, but now he cannot think of anything else he would rather be doing, other than practicing Mixed Martial Arts.

Emmanuel has been practicing Martial Arts since he was a child and is still training today. He believes that Martial Arts provide the mind, body, and spirit with self-confidence, self-control, and exercise. In the past, Emmanuel has taught Martial Arts to children as well as adults. Back then he enjoyed making a difference in the lives of adults and children and now, he enjoys meeting new people and helping them love their pets even more. He loves to witness the growing relationship and bond between a dog owner and their dogs throughout the training. Emmanuel is excited about his career as a Dog Trainer and is constantly looking for ways to improve his skills and knowledge of animals..