Steven Mazzola Professional Dog Trainer

Steven Mazzola was born in Dallas, TX, but at the age of three, he moved with his family to the Greater Cleveland Area. Having dogs as long as he can remember, he has always had a strong passion for them.  Taking it upon himself to train his own dogs, has helped him develop a strong bond with all dogs and not just his own.

For the past eight years working as a Veterinary Technician, Steven has been doing whatever he could to help the people and their dogs. Unfortunately, the job he had and its emotional distress weighed heavily on his mind. Still wanting to help pet owners, Steven sought out Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team. This could assure him with a brighter future, purpose, and meaning in his life.

Having been aware of Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team for years, it wasn’t difficult for him to make the decision to resign from his previous position as a Vet Tech. Steven took a leap of faith and with belief in himself, decided to become one of the best dog trainers around. Six weeks after his resignation, Steven successfully graduated from Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team and became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

Steven seeks to do what Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team has been doing for years; to provide an improved quality of life for dogs and their owners through a safe and humane training regimen. Ultimately, Steven strives to become a Master Trainer with Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team, and head up his own team of trainers by opening new markets in different states throughout the country, and even the world!

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