Maggie Gruner Professional Dog

Maggie was born in Minnesota, but spent most of her life in a small town in Southern Indiana. Maggie always had dogs growing up and still owns her childhood dog, now sixteen years old.  Maggie has always had rescue dogs and cats, and has also fostered and worked with several animal rescue groups. She is a strong supporter and advocate of animal rights and the humane treatment of animals, and has been vegan since 2002.

Maggie moved to Ohio to attend Oberlin College, from which she graduated in 2011. Shortly after graduating, she started working at a doggie daycare in downtown Cleveland, where she quickly progressed to the role of General Manager. It was a perfect fit and helped Maggie realize that her path in life absolutely had to include working with dogs. It was there that Maggie first meet Victoria, a trainer with Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team, and was eventually recruited to join the team.

Maggie has always been looking for a way to enjoy her work, challenge herself, and make a difference all at once. That is exactly what she’s found with Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team. She is enjoying the opportunity to help dogs and owners, and also learning and developing every day.

Maggie has a dream to live on a large plot of land on which she could house an animal rescue sanctuary. Working with LDTT makes this dream attainable for Maggie. She can now include dog training to help rehabilitate the dogs she rescues and ensure that they will integrate well into their forever homes.

Currently Maggie owns three dogs; Teo, a 16 year old American Eskimo mix, Peaches a 4 year old Hound mix, and Cashew, a 3 year old Lab mix. She also owns three cats ranging from four to twelve years old. When Maggie is not training dogs, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and their pack, hiking and exploring outdoors, and baking delicious vegan sweets to share with her friends and fellow trainers.

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