Marcus Jordan Professional Dog Trainer

 Marcus was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He has always been a lover of animals and dogs were his passion. Growing up, Marcus wanted to be around pets everyday. Later, he decided to turn his passion into a way of making a living. Marcus found himself working as a groomer for five years, which was a very fulfilling job for him, where he could just hangout with his four-legged  friends everyday.

Marcus had a roommate who joined Lorenzo's Dog Training Team. He saw the lifestyle and career his friend had, and he wanted to be a part of it. Marcus began dreaming of becoming a dog trainer. This meant that he could work more closely with dogs and spend more time with them. It also meant that he could spend more time with his own personal dog. To top it all off, it also meant that he could save dogs lives! This was enough for Marcus to make the decision to join Lorenzo's Dog Training Team and live the life of a dog trainer.

From the first day Marcus met Lorenzo, he knew he had found what he was looking for his entire life. Lorenzo's leadership, wisdom, and guidance has transformed Marcus to be a better person all around. The team is like a family, and Marcus found great joy in knowing that's what makes his team the best.

Marcus's dream is to become a Master Trainer with Lorenzo's Dog Training Team. He wants to train the best trainers that set the bar for what dog training is. After achieving this goal, Marcus wants to spend time traveling the world with his dogs by his side.

Besides living and working with dogs, Marcus has a pretty active lifestyle. He loves playing soccer, basketball, hiking in the woods, playing guitar, and reading books.



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