Chris Latterner Dog

Chris was born and raised in the hometown of Lorenzo's Dog Training Team, Cleveland, Ohio. Growing up across the street from the company's dog training center, Chris has watched many different dogs get trained. He would sneak in to the training facility to pet some of the puppies and dogs boarding for training.

Growing up, Chris always had a family dog, but when he received his Golden Retriever "Zero" as a birthday gift, he knew that his dog must be a trained dog. For many years, watching Lorenzo Miller, the founder of Lorenzo's Dog Training Team, working with dogs and building the company from the ground up, Chris wanted to become a part of it and he joined the team in 2015.   

Chris believes that becoming a dog trainer with Lorenzo's Dog Training Team provides him with the opportunity to go wherever he wants in the world. It gives him freedom to not be locked down to a single location, and flexibility in managing his time.

Chris's biggest dream in life is to see Cherry blossoms in Japan. He wants to be able to take his canine companion with him wherever he goes and to have the freedom of doing and experiencing things together.

In his free time, Chris enjoy photography and photo editing. He went to college to become a professional photographer and always wanted to find a niche in his hobby. He believes his love for dogs, and training them, goes along with his favorite hobby hand to hand.


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