Tricia Michel

Tricia was born and raised in Canton, Ohio. Growing up, Tricia's family always had multiple dogs. Her first dog was a Golden Retriever named "Bear", who she trained to be a Therapy Dog at Aultman Hospital. As soon as Tricia realized how much she loved training dogs, she adopted another dog from the Humane Society, who she trained to compete in Canine Agility.

Throughout her life, Tricia was always training her family's and friends dogs for fun, until she realized that she could make it her career. When she discovered that Lorenzo's Dog Training Team was looking for new trainers, she knew this was her opportunity to turn her passion into a successful career.

Since becoming a team trainer with Lorenzo's Dog Training Team, Tricia's life has changed, because now she is able to help families to live happier healthier lives with their dogs. Tricia's goals are to save as many dogs as possible from shelters throughout her career. Besides dog training, Tricia's other hobbies include hiking, spending time with family and friends, babysitting, and attending concerts.




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