Frank Gangah

Franck was born in the West African country, Cotê d’Ivoire, in the city of Ayamé. At the age of 10 years old, he moved with his family to Cleveland, Ohio, USA, in the search of a better life.

Along with playing football, Franck’s favorite childhood past time was playing with canines. While studying at the Ohio State University, Franck and his older brother adopted a Pit Bull named "Zeus". Franck was completely absorbed in Zeus’ playfulness, goofiness and especially his companionship.

Franck’s older brother, Emmanuel, always said that he will never stop looking for his dream job. One day, Emmanuel called Franck and shared with his younger brother that he found the job he was looking for.  Surprisingly to Franck, his older brother chose a career of a professional dog trainer by joining Lorenzo's Dog Training Team. Observing his older brother working with dogs, made Franck fall in love with what his brother did. After many conversations with his brother, Franck decided that training dogs would not only increase his adoration for canines, but also turn his love for dogs into a long-term career.Once Franck joined the team, he rescued a beagle/hound mix "Phoebe" from an animal shelter in Euclid, Ohio.  It was love at first sight! Instantly, Phoebe ran straight into her future dad’s arms, as soon as he walked into the shelter's yard. Not only has Phoebe evolved into a great demonstration dog, but she serves as a delightful companion to Franck.

For Franck, dog training is both an exciting and satisfying career. He loves working with dogs and their owners, and witnessing the difference training makes in a client’s life. Franck’s goals are to become a Master Trainer at Lorenzo's Dog Training Team, keep as many dogs as possible out of shelters, and change people’s lives for the better.