Dorian James Dog Training

Dorian was born and raised in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. At the age of five, Dorian was given his first dog to own. Even though his family moved many times, there was always a family dog in their home. As Dorian grew up, he realized that he loved all dogs and not just his own pets.  

After graduating from a high school, Dorian went to college as a full-time student, while training dogs and pet sitting them in his free time. During his second year of college, Dorian found his passion for dog training, and decided to take a chance and pursue a career of working with dogs full-time. Dorian began working for a pet superstore where he took his first steps towards his dream.

Meanwhile, Dorian heard about Lorenzo's Dog Training Team numerous times from his grooming clients. After becoming increasingly disappointed with the training techniques he was learning at the superstore, Dorian decided to further inquire about the Team and found that Lorenzo's Dog Training Team was exactly what he was looking for! Dorian knew that he wanted to learn all he possibly could from Lorenzo and to begin his journey towards becoming a Master Trainer with the company.  

As a member of the team, Dorian aspires to become a coach for new trainers and to do his part in setting a better standard for dog training nationwide.