Charla Seam Dog Trainer Atlanta GA

Charla grew up in Greenbelt, MD. From an early age her love for animals was apparent and because of her, there was always a pet in the house. Growing up, she was always in her room with her hamsters, or outside playing with friends’ dogs.

 At age 12, hoping to redirect her passion for animals, she was propositioned by her mother. Charla was the only one who wanted pets and because of that she would be the only one to provide for them 100%. Instead of choosing a different path, her love of animals intensified and Charla quickly became the neighborhood dog walker. One particular client invited Charla to accompany her to her dog’s training classes and that is when Charla knew she would grow up to train dogs.

Charla tried several different career paths but always came back to working with pets. She has worked in dog daycares, grooming shops, and pet stores. She then turned to training privately, enjoying helping people develop a closer bond with their dogs, but still knew that something was missing. There were many behavioral and advanced training areas that were still foreign to her and so she did a lot of research looking for the perfect dog trainer to work with.

Charla found Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team and knew this is where she belonged. Not only could she strengthen the bond between owners and their dogs, but she could help keep dogs with major challenges in their homes and out of shelters. Charla is working towards her goal of becoming a Master Trainer. When not training dogs, she enjoys reading, music, swimming, and watching movies.