Ana Rodriguez

Ana Rodriguez was born in Tijuana, Mexico, and raised in San Diego, California. Growing up, she always wanted to have her own dog despite an incident when a neighbor's dog bit her. Unfortunately, Ana's parents said "no" to a dog, and any other pets she asked for. Ana's first dog came into her home after she got married, and seven dogs later, she was called "the dog hoarder" in her family.  

One day, Ana asked her Veterinarian for help with her German Shepherd, "Gigi", who was abused by her previous owners and had serious trust issues. Gigi tried to bite anyone who would approach her too close. Ana tried training classes at the superstores, but it was all unsuccessful. Her Veterinarian referred her to Lorenzo's Dog Training Team. A Lorenzo's trainer came to her house and demonstrated immediate training results with Gigi. Ana was so impressed and grateful to Gigi's response to training that she decided to become a dog trainer herself. Ana realized that by becoming a professional dog trainer, she would be able to help local shelters keep difficult-to-adopt dogs safe from being euthanized.

Since Ana joined the team, she was able to connect and be around like-minded people who are passionate dog lovers.  Under the knowledgeable leadership of an experienced leader, Lorenzo Miller, Ana is excited to be a part of his organization. Her goal is to continue keeping dogs out of shelters.

Ana is passionate about her family, husband and four sons.  She enjoys running, gardening and decorating.