Fahim Jan 800

Fahim was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Throughout his life Fahim enjoyed being around dogs. He was fascinated by their ability to do so many things and be wonderful companions. As a child Fahim was not allowed to have a dog, so he would visit friends and family to play with theirs. When Fahim became an adult he was finally able to get a dog. He found himself spending all of his free time training and playing with his canine companion. This became his passion.

Fahim decided to look for a career where he could get paid doing what he loved, and that would allow him to spend more time with his personal dog. Fahim began looking for jobs within the pet industry, where he found Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team. He realized that this was everything that he was looking for, so he decided to apply. As soon as Fahim joined the team, he realized that it was more like family than a company. He noticed that the team wanted to help each other succeed.

With the help of the team, Fahim began learning more than just dog training. He became part of a “personal growth program with a compensation plan attached”. He continues mastering being responsible, independent, and successful. Fahim says: “There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained. My goal with Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team is to show people how they can live happily with their furry friends, and to realize how their dogs can add value to their lives”. Fahim’s desires to become financially independent while doing what he enjoys so much.

Besides training dogs, Fahim loves to play sports, practice martial arts, watch movies on the weekend, and take hikes with his dog.