Shavon Striggles 800

Shavon was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. As a young child, Shavon was introduced to breeding Pit Bulls. He had the job of cleaning the kennels and feeding the dogs. Shavon fell in love with the breed.

Over the years Shavon had noticed that Pit Bulls were developing a bad reputation. He began looking for ways to positively impact the way people perceived the breed. Shavon felt he had found a way to achieve this after learning from a friend about Lorenzo's Dog Training Team. Shavon applied with the company to be a trainer and the rest is history!

Meeting and working with Lorenzo has completely changed Shavon's outlook on the relationship between people and their canine companions. Shavon's goal is to see the number of deaths and abandoned dogs drop across the nation. He says he now has a clear understanding on how he can contribute and achieve this goal. Shavon invisions himself growing with the company and making sure we have trainers globally.

Aside from training dogs, Shavon's hobbies are drawing, dancing, and riding motorcycles.