Athena Frazier

Athena was born in Tuscon, Arizona. Her family moved around quite a bit because her father was in the Air Force, but eventually they settled in Oklahoma.

Athena was never allowed to have a dog as her mother was allergic to dogs. When Athena turned twelve years old, her family moved into a house with a yard and her parents finally allowed her to get a dog. Athena named her Dutchess.

Athena always wanted to do something with animals and dogs. They have always helped her through tough times so she wanted to give back to them. Athena began training with treats but she wasn't getting the results she wanted. Without effective techniques, she had to turn the most difficult dogs away, because she didn't know how to help them.

By joining Lorenzo's Dog Training Team, Athena was able to see her future very clearly. It gave her a chance to do what she loves by helping people and dogs, while making a living doing it.

Athena's biggest dream is to keep dogs out of shelters, and helping dogs and their owners understand one another. Her goals are to help LDTT spread across the world and help even more people and dogs.