Evan Dalzell

Evan was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Dogs have always been in his life. Evan enjoys being around all dogs, big and small, and he always felt like he had a connection with them.

Evan learn about Lorenzo's Dog Training Team when he became a client himself. Soon, he decided to join the team and become a professional dog trainer because he wanted to help families enjoy their dogs as much as he enjoys them himself.

Evan says that becoming a dog trainer with Lorenzo's Dog Training Team has changed his life. He is turning into a better man all way around. Evan is inspired by Lorenzo Miller and views him as his father figure and someone Evan aspires to be one day.

Evan's biggest goal in life is to be a great person in every way possible, and to give a great relationship with their loving family to as many dogs as he possibly can.

Besides enjoying training dogs, Evan is a food gourmet and likes to discover different foods.