Nicholas Nadeau

Nick always wanted and felt the duty to help people so he joined the US Marines. Nick spent six years with the Marines and did a tour overseas in Iraq in 2005- 2006. When Nick returned home, he continued so serve as a police officer for over 8 years.

While working for the police department, Nick was assisting in the training of a police K-9 for calls where a police K-9 was utilized to find criminals and lost children.

Nick became fascinated with the abilities of a police K-9 dog and how well-trained and dependable she was. While Nick has had dogs all his life, now he became passionate about being able to handle and train dogs to that capability.

After leaving law enforcement, Nick knew he would like to continue working with dogs and help people to develop a better relationship with their dog companions in addition to helping veterans as well. He thought about how to use his passion for working with dogs while helping veterans. Then Nick located Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team and knew this was something he wanted to do.

Nick met “Zorro”, a rescue German Shepherd puppy, while looking for his own dog to begin the training at Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team. “Zorro” instantly became a member of Nick’s family, comprised of Nick’s wife, daughter, and “Oscar”, the eight-year-old Boxer.

Nick currently goes to school working on a degree in phycology. He always wanted to give back by working with veterans who have also been deployed to overseas. Once, he met a veteran with a service dog. A veteran shared that his service dog assists him, but it took several years to get a service dog due to a very long waiting list.