Katrinka Stephens

Katrinka grew up in Columbus, Ohio. There were always animals around when she was younger. From rabbits, hamsters, fish, snakes, cats, and, of course, dogs. She believes this is where her love for animals originated. When thinking of a career, she now believes it would have to involve animals for her to feel at home. With that in mind, she attended Kent State University and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Zoology. While in school, she worked at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History with the wildlife. After college, Katrinka worked at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in the summer. She also worked as a dog groomer.

Katrinka started as a client of Lorenzo's Dog Training Team. Amazed with what her trainer's dog could do, she instantly wanted the same for her pup. While experiencing training as a client, she began to visualize herself being a dog trainer. She soon made that thought her reality.

Throughout training, Katrinka and her pup grew an amazing bond. As a trainer, she hopes to create relationships as strong as her own for many people and their furry companions.





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