Savanah Lammers

From the time she could read, Savanah has always been intrigued by animals. Her Dad, being an animal lover himself, slipped her all sorts of critters throughout her childhood years: fish, frogs, spiders, cats, dogs, goats - you name it! The bond with animals followed her all the way to University where she graduated with a BS in Psychology, with a core focus on animal behavior. Immediately, she jumped into the medical field becoming a veterinary technician at one of the largest animal hospitals in South Florida.

Prior to this, she had worked with rescue dogs for 9 years and realized quickly that owned dogs and shelter dogs had a lot of the same behavioral issues! Jumping, nipping, pulling, destructive anxiety, she soon realized the stress people endured with their dogs and wanted to help. Savanah realized that there was a language barrier between owners and their dogs but was optimistic that there was a translation out there somewhere.

After applying and speaking to many training companies, she realized that Lorenzo’s was the only team that could truly show radical results in a short period of time. Savanah went to Ohio to train for 8 weeks and was taught what she was so desperately searching for, the answer to the language barrier.

Filled with new-found awe and excitement, Savanah packed up her belongings, her newly “separation anxiety-free” husky, and headed back to Boca Raton, Florida.

Lorenzo’s theory has made Savanah a firm believer that happy, healthy, dog-owning families are possible for anyone who is willing to follow the system and put in the work!

In addition to starting up her dog training business, Savanah enjoys taking her dog, Lydia, to the beach, diving the reefs of the Atlantic, and painting everything ocean related in her free time.







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