Anton Yablonsky Phoenix Dog TrainerAnton was born in New York, but traveled the world as he grew up, before coming to Phoenix, Arizona in 2008 to finish school at ASU. Growing up, Anton had dogs as family pets, but it wasn’t until he moved out on his own when he was 19 that his true passion for dogs emerged.

Anton is an animal-loving activist and an advocate for dog welfare and well being. He started volunteering with a local, Phoenix , Arizona rescue group because he wanted to make a difference and help save dogs’ lives. It occurred to him one day while fostering rescue dogs that by training them, he could rehabilitate the dogs with severe behavioral issues and directly increase the chances of successfully rehoming more of them. This was a powerful realization for Anton and he truly feels that he is now actually rescuing dogs.

Anton spent the first six months of 2013 commuting from Phoenix to Las Vegas to help introduce new team trainer Manny Alonso to our referring veterinary partners there. He did this while still maintaining a full client roster in Phoenix. His dedication and energy are incomparable. His hard work enabled him to reach the benchmark of personally training over 300 dogs, which earned him a recent promotion to team coordinator. He now manages an organization of team trainers in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Las Vegas. Anton loves being able to share his experiences and knowledge with his group and he really enjoys helping them grow.

Anton enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Megan. He also enjoys snowboarding, skateboarding, and painting custom sneakers. Every so often, he makes sneakers for charity, or his friends.



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