ashley-engelhart-with-dog-webBorn and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Ashley spent most of her childhood in apartments and rented houses that didn’t allow pets.  Although Ashley’s parents told her they cannot have any pets, she begged for a puppy for 10 years.  Finally, on Christmas of 1998, Ashley woke up to a puppy in her bed.  She quickly learned that “Wolfie” was not perfect, and not wanting to upset her mom, Ashley taught her puppy basic obedience and some tricks. 

With time, Ashley’s love towards the dogs grew. She went to college to receive an Applied Associate Degree in Animal Technology.  While studying, Ashley worked at various veterinary clinics, working her way up to a veterinary technician position.  Yet, she felt there was more!

Ashley met Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team after working with Matthew Watson, who helped her strengthen the bond with her personal dog Ziggy.  Ashley tried to apply known training techniques to improve stubborn Ziggy, but they all failed.  The method of training Matthew shared with Ashley showed instant success, and she truly felt and knew at that point that she wanted to do the same rewarding job Mathew did.  Ashley uncovered a passion she did not know she had.  Soon, Ashley applied with Lorenzo’s Dog Training Team to become a team trainer.  A couple of months later she traveled to Cleveland and started their certification program in order to return back to Texas as a professional dog trainer. 

“I love Lorenzo's Dog Training Team and value what they do. I am so excited to totally change my career and work with them. Looking forward to the future!  When you love what you do, it isn’t work!” – Ashley Engelhart