Carmen McNamara Dog Trainer Phoenix Arizona Carmen was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on an Air Force Base. When she was still a baby the family relocated to Fort Collins, Colorado. At the age of twelve Carmen’s family once again relocated to Arizona, where Carmen attended school at Arizona State University, and still resides today.

Growing up Carmen had all types of Animals. She housed and cared for dogs, lizards, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, and the list goes on! It wasn’t until she had a boxer by the name of “Murphy” that she realized how crazy she was about dogs.

After spending over twenty years in the Electronic/Manufacturing industry, Carmen decided to change her career to something that she loved. She started volunteering with Boxer Luv Rescue where she adopted her third boxer by the name of “Wilson”. Shortly after she volunteered for a Pit Bull rescue where she met “Louie” an un-socialized Blue Pit Bull that she grew very fond of.

Carmen cared dearly for “Louie” but she had problems working with him and getting him adopted out. This is when she met Anton Yablonsky.  Anton assisted Carmen in training and finding “Louie” his forever home. In the process Anton and Carmen became really good friends.

Shortly after, Anton found Lorenzo's Dog Training Team, and with some encouragement from Carmen he became a trainer with Lorenzo’s and has since had much success. Three years later Anton returned the favor and encouraged Carmen to join the team and become a trainer as well!

Carmen’s goal is to help dogs stay in happy homes with their families. Her desire to help people with their canine companions is driven from a personal experience. In the past she’s had to give up a personal dog due to behavioral issues. She understands what that can put a family through. Therefore she is on a mission to eliminate these problems.

When Carmen is not training she enjoys spending time with her husband Rich and their two dogs, “Kelly & Kenzie”. She and Rich enjoy horseback riding, rock climbing, and dancing together.