George Matic Texas Dog TrainerGeorge is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, who relocated to Denton, Texas, in suburban Dallas. While still living in Cleveland, he adopted a rambunctious 8-week-old German shepherd puppy, whom he named Skye. As Skye grew, she developed quite a dominant personality. Her behavior became more and more challenging, to the point that George realized that something needed to change.

After trying treats, spray bottles, and clicker training to no avail, he turned to Lorenzo's for help. Like many of our trainers, George was a client first. His pup went through on and off-leash basic obedience, retrieval, and some personal protection training. She passed the Canine Good Citizenship and Therapy Dog International tests—all off leash!

When he's not training or caring for his fostered German shepherd dogs, George is a classic car enthusiast. He is also passionate about scuba diving to shipwrecks and Caribbean reefs.