Kiley Kelly Dog Trainer HollywoodKiley's passion for animals, preeminently dogs, has been with her since childhood. When she was 4 years old, an attempt to pick up a stray dog while it was sleeping resulted in an ambulance ride to the hospital and 8 stitches. Contrary to popular belief, this traumatic experience only heightened her curiosity for this particular species and as soon as she turned 15, much to her mothers discretion and paralyzing fear, Kiley began volunteering for different animal shelters.
Kiley genuinely feels the approach and techniques that were instilled upon her through years of experience, education, compassion, and amazing mentors from Lorenzo's Dog Training Team are not only the most humane, but the most effective. Kiley's beliefs are simple: although dog training was designed by man, the psychology of a dog was designed by mother nature. Her goal with every single dog she encounters is to find or create a balance between both the dog, and the dog's owner. Kiley strives in doing this by attempting to educate the owner on how they can achieve perfect harmony and do so without taking away the instinctual needs of their dog.

Throughout her life, Kiley's love and curiosity for man's best friend eventually developed into a career which she is extremely grateful for each and everyday. The devotion Kiley has for animals is endless and this is portrayed through her performance



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