We want to thank our trainer, Jason Pihl, for his excellent training of our cocker spaniel, Mugsy. Mugsy is a 5 1/2 yr. old rescue dog which we adopted, but was delivered to us with a muzzle. He was, and still is,miltandjanferry a playful, loving dog; however he had severe aggression issues towards men. After Mugsy attacked several of our male friends, we were worried that we wouldn't be able to keep him. So we contacted Lorenzo's Dog Training for help. 

We initially boarded Mugsy with Jason for training. After a few weeks, Jason brought back to us a better, well-trained Mugsy for us to continue with our training. Jason was very patient helping us learn the effective uses of "on and off" leash training, along with praise and encouragement. We know we can always call on Jason for help if we ever need it in the future. We (and Mugsy) thank Jason for giving us a very well behaved dog.

Milt and Jan Ferry.