pat and kathy rocheHi James - Thank you so very much for your excellent training of Finn and for your kind patience with us as we learned to work with her.   You have taught us amazingly simple and effective lessons! You are definitely our "dog whisperer"!

Lorenzo's Dog Training Team is very lucky to have you!!!

Finn is a beautiful Bernese Mountain dog.  When we brought her to you, she was just 1 year old.  We thought we knew how to train dogs, since we  had a Bernese before Finn came into our lives.  Finn, however, had a different plan!  She was a very hyper pup and definitely had a mind of her own when disciplined.   That is until we met you!

Your skill not only taught Finn to listen, but you guided us as we worked with her.  You reminded us how very important it is to have a dog who will listen for her own safety and for her peaceful coexistence in our home.  And, our home is busy with seven grandchildren coming and going all the time!

Today, Finn is a terrific family pet!  She is obedient and easy to have around guests.  She is a pleasure to take for walks and is able to be in our unfenced yard safely.  Finn has become the dog we hoped to have!!  And, we have become the dog owner other people will respect and appreciate.
Our training was fun and very successful!

Thanks again, James for your friendly guidance, helpful hints and great skill.  We are very grateful.

Fondly -

pat & kathy roche