Lorenzo's Dog Training Team trained us well! When we adopted Penny, her rescue agency had already enrolled her in Lorenzo's Dog Training course.  They believed it would help Penny find a permanent home quickly, and they were right!staceychrisandpenny

Penny was already learning basic commands and leash skills, which made our decision to adopt her much easier.  After adopting Penny, we made it to several more training sessions, but soon found ourselves missing sessions due to schedule conflicts, and also because Penny had been trained to an acceptable level.

Over the following 6 months or so, we noticed a slight decline in Penny's behavior, especially when meeting people and other dogs during walks, or when she played through the fence with the neighbors' dogs.  Since Penny is a mixed breed, with "bully" characteristics , we were aware of the negative and misinformed perceptions that people might have towards her. In order to overcome these misperceptions, Penny would need to behave better than the average dog. We knew we needed to return to Lorenzo's for a refresher course for Penny.

We scheduled an assessment appointment with Vicki Zappia, within 5-minutes Vicki had quickly assessed and determined the problem.  Penny remembered her training and she still knew exactly how to behave with a strong pack leader.  It turns out that we were the problem!  Since we were inconsistent with our commands and corrections, Penny was receiving mixed, incomplete, and confusing signals.  Vicki recommended a refresher course that lasted several weeks, with its primary intent to train us.  The condensed program included a few sessions at Lorenzo's facility, several in-home sessions, and a final session at a local pet store.  Each environment had its own types of distractions that provided great training opportunities for us and Penny.

Lorenzo's Dog Training course is well designed.  Each step is logical and succinct, and the team explains more than just the 'what' and 'how', they also explain the 'why'.  The hard part for us was finding time to practice between each session, which is the most crucial part.  We are very happy with the training Vicki provided, and always recommend Lorenzo's to people that compliment us on Penny's good behavior.

Training with Lorenzo's has enabled us to take Penny with us to many more places than other dogs we have rescued.  When we all know our roles in our pack, it's a much happier and calmer environment no matter where we are.

Stacey, Chris and Penny