I few years ago I found myself in a desperate situation.  I have always had dogs, loved them as a family member and I had never had much trouble training them into easy civilized house dogs.  That was until Lola, Leah Cabralesmy American Bull dog Pit bull mix, she was a different case.  Like my previous dogs I got her at only a few weeks old, she was house trained instantly like my other dogs, never any accidents, crate trained and she appeared a quick learner.  I took her to work with me and she traveled everywhere as my co pilot.  But as she got older she began to exhibit nervous behavior and showing aggression towards strangers, kids and other animals.  There have always been many people coming in and out of her home, she lives with 3 other dogs and loves the kids and adult family members.  But her behaviors continued to get worse and as she was getting bigger I was no longer able to control her around strangers.  I am a 5ft short girl, she is much, much stronger than I.  One day the dogs outside were barking and when someone came inside the house with me she growled and jumped, trying to bite a house guest.  This occurred again.  It got to the point where I was afraid to have house guest unless she was in the crate.  She seemed like she wanted to show who was boss then she would calm down and be ok with my guest.  This was not behavior I could allow to persist.  I was worried she would really injure somebody and that I would not be able to control her even on a leash. 
I felt desperate and needed help, but the right kind of help.  Pit bull perception and attitudes are difficult to overcome even in dog trainers.  I came across Mayday Rescue and I saw their hard work with pit bulls so I reached out to them and they sent me to Anton Yablonsky.  When we had our first meeting I was relieved to find somebody not only knowledgeable but someone who could tell me he could handle my difficult case.  His attitude towards my Lola was great.  It is the most difficult thing to put your baby in somebody's hands.  Now years after she was trained by Anton Lola is still Lola.  A bundle of energy and she is still nervous but with Anton's training I can handle her and she knows it.  She is aware and looking for my instructions in her difficult moments.  He not only trained Lola but he had to train me as well! Among regular commands like down stay where I am in control of her, I also learned how to introduce her to guest, where I can be confident that she is comfortable and my guest are safe.  Thank you Anton.               
-Leah Cabrales