My dog Red was unadoptable and in a foster home for 2yrs, he hated men and feared woman. Even in the foster home Red was staying at, he would barked excessively at their son.alexandra marciales 

I had worked at the shelter and had always gotten along with Red, so I adopted him when I got my own home. 

After a year of trying to train Red on my own he still did not allow anyone into my house. He would bark ferociously and lunge at any guest the entire time they were in the home.

I met Alec, the trainer at the Pet Expo. I was hesitant that anything could help my situation. I realized that unless this got under control I would not have a normal life and unwilling to get rid of Red. 

On the first visit Alec gained my dogs respect he was not at all dismayed by Reds initial highly aggressive behavior and Alec 
quickly gained control. His confidence and calm demeanor won us both over. He had great patience with my dog and with me and showed me how to gain Reds respect and obedience.

We have been working together for 8 weeks and the change in Red is amazing. I can now take my dog to the park and Red can sit calmly in the front yard. I can also have Red in a “down stay” for 3 hrs at a time and there is minimal barking at the door. My dog walks nicely on the leash and far more relaxed. I now can take my dog to visit with my parents and have people over without fear. Red rarely barks and if he does I can correct him quickly and effectively. Red is not perfect but we are well on our way thanks to Alec and Lorenzo’s dog training.

With Thanks,

Alexandra Marciales